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Achilles Heel Films is an amalgamation of creatives from multifold aspects of filmmaking with the sole ambition of creating boldly original and entertaining stories.  With award-winning work from all across the world, we are devoted to delivering high-quality entertainment.

A feature film (in the news) which is to be primarily shot using virtual production is currently under development. 

Sagi Sree Hari Varma

​​Hari is an alumnus of the prestigious OSCARS Gold Program.

He graduated from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Mentor-Protegee Initiative under the mentorship of Oscar-nominated filmmaker Ted Melfi.

His works as a director include films and commercials for the FIFA Soccer World Cup, United Nations, and a fictional short film, shot at Warner Bros. Studios - Burbank.


His extensive below-the-line production experience includes working on Television and Commercial productions of filmmakers David Fincher, Ted Melfi, David Shane, Jim Jenkins, and Trent O'Donnell.

Hari is currently developing his debut feature film, a story that lives in the liminal space between Indian mythology, science fiction, and the metaphysical. 

"drama in any form is primarily and essentially a spectacle "   
                         - Bharatamuni (Natyasastram ) 500 BCE         

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